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Are you looking for assistance in building your own successful business based on sound principles

Learning how to start and then to grow a business can be really expensive in both time and money, so if you are confused, frustrated, broke or just need some help, then bookmark this site and we can succeed together.

Have you asked yourself the question "Why do I want to get into earning online / starting a business / online selling / internet marketing?" (Delete as applicable)

Being financially independent should be fun, exciting and rewarding from developing your passion for a product or service.

However, when starting a small business, balancing risk and reward is critical to avoid debt or bankruptcy and the odds are not stacked in your favour.

  • 95% of internet marketing businesses fail
  • 85% of US and UK small businesses fail in the first two years

There are many pitfalls for the unwary, so my objective with this site is to provide links and resources we have reviewed and tested. I recently had a spring clean of my data, which made me realise how much knowledge and information I had gathered over the last ten years and now rely on for my business.

Then I had a flash of inspiration that I could share my knowledge and experience by transferring it to the internet and building a web site. Therefore, this site is a work in progress project rather than a finished product.

Before we start a business there are a number of steps we all need to have clearly defined.

Ask any successful person these questions and they know the answers because they live by them. They may be in their heads or written down on a couple of pages or a full business plan, but they know what, why, where, when and how they succeed.

  • What is my Starting Point
  • Where is my End Point
  • What is my Vision and Strategy
  • Market Research for defining your End Goal
  • The benefits of achieving measurable Goals
  • Obstacles to achieving my Goals
  • My existing Skills and Knowledge
  • Skills and Knowledge I require
  • Developing the Right Attitude
  • Maintaining my Drive and Focus
  • Where do I get Resources and Support

Assuming you have done this already, I recommend these four golden rules.

  • If you do not have a business model DO NOT BUY ANYTHING.
  • DO NOT BUY a product or service if it does not provide a measurable benefit to improve your business
  • Do not try to do everything yourself. Build your business by leveraging other people’s knowledge, time, products and services for their benefit as well as yours.
  • Understand the difference between ACTION and EFFECTIVE ACTION. Work Smarter, Not Harder and take EFFECTIVE ACTION NOW!

I still spend hundreds of hours researching web sites and sifting through emails to identify the best programs. Huge quantities of products and train1ng are given away free by a wide range of companies to encourage you onto their lists, so they can sell to you later. The downside is your inbox then gets flooded with emails from all these lists and you never get to take action.
Over the years, I have become proficient at doing this, so I can filter out the good stuff and allow you time to focus on your business.

Finding trusted business advice is difficult with huge volumes of information available.

The Article Directory provides the best advice I know based on my wealth of experience and is divided into categories to help you find the answers to your questions quickly and easily. If you have any articles which may benefit other people, then submit them for inclusion to the directory. We are here to assist you so please submit suggestions for additional topics or categories and they can be included on the site.

Knowing which Resources and Tools to use is expensive and time consuming

I used to get sidetracked for hours looking for the best tools to improve my business and finding reliable reviews is very time consuming. Then having made a purchase, the time learning and reviewing products is also much longer than you expect. According to industry research, this is the main reason that 80% of products are never used. We will be adding links and reviews to products as the site content is developed. If you have bought any products you think are either good, bad or indifferent then let me know so they can be included and we can share our experience.

Where can I get an answer to....

The FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions is a new addition to satisfy the request of members.
Use the Contact Us page and enter [FAQ - "Your Question"] in the Subject line so we can provide the answers for the missing parts of the jigsaw.

In Summary

Mutual Marketing is an interactive site and your gateway to recommended resources, which will improve your productivity and profit.

  • Remember when starting a small business balancing risk and reward is critical
  • Use leverage to work smarter, instead of working harder
  • Leverage my time and experience and take shortcuts to the best business advice
  • Benefit from my analytical skills  and save your time reviewing products and services

Silver Membership is only $17.77 a month and if it saves you only two hours a month, you are making a profit from this small investment. The libraries of information I am making available to you over the next few months, has taken me around 1,500 hours ($105,000 in labour costs) to collate and cost me around $35,000 for products. Consider how long you would spend finding reliable information, products and resources on your own and then click below to get your account.

I know many people are struggling for cash in this recession,
so I will give the next 100 subscribers
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 If you prefer to go it alone then I wish you luck and success. You can always drop back again later.

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