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Benefit from my extensive business experience

During my working life, I have succeeded in a variety of industries because my drive and determination has helped me to business success.

For fifteen years I started and ran my own successful design and printing business, providing advertising, marketing and business advice to 1,546 business customers operating across most sectors of industry.

During the last recession in the 1990's three of my biggest customers stopped trading leaving me with bad debts of over £68,000. Then the bank called in their loan making me bankrupt and leaving me to start again from scratch at 43 years of age with no money, no job and a really bad credit score.

Sitting around feeling miserable was not an option with a family and two young children to support.

So I started again using my experience and knowledge to work with small businesses to major corporations, analysing their data and business to develop better methods for improving their business processes and saving money.

Over the next 12 years I established my reputation for improving processes and data management. By reducing effort and improving efficiency I have assisted my clients in making saving of over £7,500,000 and improved their profitability.

The extensive knowledge and experience I have gained from running my own businesses and providing consultancy to companies and corporations, has developed into unique skills so I can help my customers become more successful.

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