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Recommended Resources

Where possible the resources we recommend are free or low cost but they must provide valuable content to meet our strict criteria

There are three reasons for looking at the free and lower cost products.
  • Many businesses will give away valuable free products as a hook to get new customers, in the expectation they will spend money with them later. A try before you buy approach.
  • A successful business sells their products for a premium price, but it may not make the product perform better and in many cases delivers less value for money.
  • The purpose of being in business is to make a profit so I am helping you keep your costs to a minimum.

Vision and Strategy

When you know where you are starting from and what you want to achieve, then you can develop your Vision and Strategy

Market Research

This step is critical to your success. Getting your Market Research right will have customers knocking on your door.

Skills and Knowledge

To succeed in business we need to acquire additional core Skills and Knowledge. So follow the links to fill in the missing gaps.

Right Business Attitude

Develop the Right Business Attitude to winning and you will succeed. The millionaire mindset is maintaining a positive mindset in the face of adversity.

Maintaining Drive and Focus

Personal Drive and Business Focus are related as we need a combination of the two to achieve our objectives. Having one without the other will stop us being effective.

Resources and Support

The Internet is so huge it is difficult to knowing where to find Business Resources and Personal Support. So your experience with your contributions can benefit us all.

Website Building

There are many alternatives for website building but the purpose of the site is the critical starting point. Then decide how and who is going to maintain it to keep it topical

Website Submission

Website Submission is a hot topic. Should you submit your site or wait for the search engines to find you? I suggest leaving the search engines alone, but submit to your site to directories. Then use article and advert submissions to create back links.

Website Resources

The list of Website Resources is endless and is best left to the professionals. CMS or Content Management Systems are best for most people as they use a proven template and you can concentrate on creating the content.

Getting Organised

Getting organised is important from the beginning or your hard disk will very quickly become disorganised and you will never be able to find anything. It is worth investing in some tools to assist you structure your data so you can find your downloads quickly and easily

Knowing which Resources and Tools to use is expensive and time consuming

The time spent reviewing products takes much longer than you expect, which is the main reason that 80% of products never get used. So I will be adding links and reviews to products as the content is developed.If you have bought any products that are good, bad or indifferent please submit them for inclusion on this site. This way we can help each other to success more easily.

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