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Recommended Resources

Where possible the resources we recommend are free or low cost but they must provide valuable content to meet our strict criteria

There are three reasons for looking at the free and lower cost products.
  • Many businesses will give away valuable free products as a hook to get new customers, in the expectation they will spend money with them later. A try before you buy approach.
  • A successful business sells their products for a premium price, but it may not make the product perform better and in many cases delivers less value for money.
  • The purpose of being in business is to make a profit so I am helping you keep your costs to a minimum.

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Free Keyword Suggestion Tool

Enter a starting keyword then this free trial version of WordTracker will generate up to 100 related keywords and an estimate of their daily search volume. This is the first pass to understanding who is looking for what.

NicheBOT multiple keyword services, databases and sources

NicheBOT gives you access to multiple keyword services, databases and sources. The more keyword sources you can tap into, the more keyword combinations you can uncover, the more keyword content or inbound links you can create, the more total visitors   more...

Good Keyword Free Tool

Good Keywords is a free Windows software for finding the perfect set of keywords for your web pages. Knowing the right keywords to target is very important because your site should provide what people are searching for.

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Knowing which Resources and Tools to use is expensive and time consuming

The time spent reviewing products takes much longer than you expect, which is the main reason that 80% of products never get used. So I will be adding links and reviews to products as the content is developed.If you have bought any products that are good, bad or indifferent please submit them for inclusion on this site. This way we can help each other to success more easily.

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