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Global Cash Flow Network

We all have different experience and skills, so what is a genuine opportunity to one person, will be a scam for someone else. Therefore it is very difficult to be objective when reporting on which Programs to recommend and who you should believe.
Global Cash Flow Network appear to be a very professional organisation but having bought into the program myself I personally have reservations.

The one to one mentoring and the concept behind the basic program is good.

I purchased their Traffic Program for 15,000 hits to my affiliate pages at a cost of $2,795. However after running the program twice I have earned $50 which I may have earned from my promotions, they can track the hits but unfortunately not where from.  My impression is the people who are succeeding are doing so through their own efforts. I do not believe the GCFN Traffic program is effective and the conversion rates are appalling if their Traffic program is delivering the results they are claiming.

My Web Cash Store is the affiliate part of the program and you get your own page.

Here is real blow by blow account from someone who is seriously committed to making the program work.

Read the comments on the Work-at-Home-Forum before you do anything else.

Then try a couple of Google searches.
globalcashflownetwork scam

Global Cash Flow Network Home Page for the official sales pitch is a good place to start investigating and following links. They also have information on My Web Cash Store provide site analytics if there is enough data for a website. have some feedback from real people on this thread

The RipOff Report has some good feedback which presents a third party view and both sides of the argument.
Here are 22 reports to read through though many of the initial reports seem to have been removed.
If I had read these the wish i had read first, as it would have saved me $3,000.

I leave the decision to you on whether you should go ahead.
Having investigated hundreds of internet sites I can try to report as objectively as possible, but it is your money and only you can judge whether you want to get involved with any of these programs.

  • Research the company and the opportunity very carefully before you get involved and hand over any money.
  • If the offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Many One Time Offers never change and you can still get to them using a different browser or user name.
  • Double check the Guarantee. Does it cover all of your investment or only a part.
  • Most high ticket items do not have a refund, so beware.


With perseverance and recommendations you will find something which will work for you, provided you do not give up and commit 100% to making it succeed.

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